Bloggosphere, here we come.

So this is new for D.O.A Studios.

We’re not sure how this blog is going to unfold. It could go in one of many directions from; what’s happening at the studio or an up to date gig guide review type situational nonsense or even an upto the minute deluge of what cover songs are getting on our tits. Only the future has the answers. Let’s read on.

It will definitely be a journey into the as yet unrecorded life of a rehearsal studio and the people / entities / egos / gods / bass players. who take solace within its humble walls.

So, believe it or not, you lucky people have had the services of D.O.A Studios available to you for almost ten years. TEN. Thats a 1 followed by a 0.

In this time these walls have seen lots of bands, live events, recording sessions, photography sessions (which some of us ended up int’ buff), pilots for tv shows, a radio station (which involved high viz jackets, childrens accordions and AA roadmaps on occasion) , a music magazine, teaching sessions and workshops, overnight sessions and we have provided PA systems and equipment for more events than we can remember.

We are here to help you in any way we can. If this is news to you and you need any information about our services check out the website on or call us for a chat on 01204 844 333.

Ten years!

“We’ve lost jobs, friends and families and still pulled through to survive” Chris Evans

Oh and if you fancy having a gander. We’re having on open day to celebrate the decadery (that should be a word) on the October 27th.

see you t/here.


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